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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is completed to help maintain & save your tooth. This is commonly done on teeth that have pain to hot or cold, pain with biting, tapping, or swelling (abscess).

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Endodontic Root Canal Retreatment

Occasionally a tooth that has undergone endodontic treatment fails to heal or pain continues despite therapy.  Sometimes a tooth initially responds to root canal therapy but becomes painful or diseased months or years later. When either of these situations occur, the tooth often can be maintained with a second endodontic treatment. If you have had a root canal before & your dentist is telling you it is failing or re-infected, you should see a Board-Certified Endodontist for an evaluation for a root canal re-treatment.

Apexification Apexogenesis

Apexification & Apexogenesis

This treatment is to save a tooth that has not finished forming yet (a child’s tooth) but needs a root canal.

Apicoectomy or Endodontic Surgery Logo

Apicoectomy or Endodontic Surgery

Although there are many surgical procedures that can be performed to save a tooth, the most common is called apicoectomy or root-end resection. When inflammation or infection persists in the bony area around the end of your tooth after a root canal procedure, your endodontist may have to perform an apicoectomy.  The treatment is for a tooth that needs one of the roots or root tips removed. The goal is to remove the source of infection and save the tooth.

Traumatic Injuries

Traumatic Injuries

Pulp damage is sometimes caused by a blow to the mouth, and the endodontist specializes in treating these traumatic injuries. For example, a blow to a child’s permanent tooth that is not fully developed can cause the root to stop growing. A procedure called apexification stimulates bone to be deposited at the end of the root which makes it possible to then save the tooth through a root canal procedure. An endodontist is specially trained in procedures for replanting teeth that have been knocked out of their sockets.

Dental Implants Icon

Dental Implants

Placement of dental implants to support a crown, bridge, partial or denture. Additional services include bone and gum tissue grafting to ensure implant health as well as treatment of peri-implantitis.

Tooth Extractions Icon

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions can address decay, cracks, fractures, trauma and can also make room for other teeth when crowding is present.  We are always trying to save teeth, but in the event a tooth is not able to be saved, an extraction may be indicated. We use the latest techniques to provide atraumatic extractions.

Ridge Preservation Icon

Ridge Preservation

This procedure ensures that an empty socket has sufficient bone after tooth extraction and may be performed to facilitate dental implant therapy.

Bone Grafting Icon

Bone Grafting

Have you been told you are not a candidate for implants? Bone grafting can be completed to increase the support for a dental implant to replace a missing tooth, multiple teeth or dentures.  A consultation will help answer your questions if you need or are a candidate for bone and or dental implants.

Sinus Augmentation Vertical Sinus Lift Logo

Sinus Augmentation & Vertical Sinus Lift

A sinus lift may be indicated when a dental implant is placed in the posterior area of the upper jaw. This prevents perforation into the sinus & allows placement of a correct size implant.  A consultation will help answer your questions if you need or are a candidate for sinus augmentation.

Gum grafting treating gum recession Logo

Gum grafting (treating gum recession)

Treatments are available for receding gums that may provide coverage of exposed roots, reduce sensitivity, improve esthetics & function.

Pocket Reduction AKA Osseous Surgery

Pocket Reduction (AKA Osseous Surgery)

Have you been told you have “deep pockets” or gum disease? We can help & specialize in non-surgical & surgical treatment options. A definitive approach is pocket reduction, commonly performed to halt gum disease progression and to save teeth.  Read here for more info.

Scaling & Root Planing Logo

Scaling & Root Planing

A non-surgical therapy aimed at removing plaque, calculus from the tooth and root surfaces.  This is often the first step in the management of periodontal disease.  We strive to educate our patients by providing oral hygiene instructions and recommendations on which products and tools are best suited for your oral health needs.

Crown Lengthening

Crown Lengthening

Performed for various reasons, crown lengthening may be done to correct a “gummy” smile, to improve esthetics or to allow placement of a crown or restoration that impinges on the gums and jaw bone.  Crown lengthening may be required if you have a deep cavity or tooth fracture that extends under your gums.

Oral Pathology, Oral Cancer Screenings & Biopsy

Oral Pathology, Oral Cancer Screenings & Biopsy

We believe oral health equals whole body health. We provide evaluations & treatment.

Tori Removal

Tori Removal

Extra bone growths can occur in different areas of the mouth.  These bony growths, called exostoses or tori, can be safely removed to improve comfort, esthetics, & function.

Digital Dentistry

Digital Dentistry

State of the art equipment is utilized to provide the best care possible.  Digital radiography and the use of an in-office 3D CBCT allow for quick and safe imaging.  The use of digital impressions improves comfort and accuracy of your treatment.  Laser therapy may be indicated for various procedures, such a treating oral pathology, removing pigmentation from gum tissue, or other surgical needs.